Latvia Photonics Firms and research institutions

Latvia photonics firms and research overview.  For PDF.

Catalog of photonics businesses and research institutes and centers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  For PDF

List of Latvian Photonics Companies

No. Name of company Short description of company Contact details No. of empl Turnover (M€)
1 AGL Technologies AGL Technologies offers thin film coatings on different materials of various sizes and shapes for a variety of applications. AGL is your partner from development to production.

Engineers with 20 years of experience in R&D and thin film production at your service.

Optical coatings, Smart textiles, Photo catalytic coatings, Custom coatings, Surface analysis.

Andris Āzens, CTO

AGL Technologies

Pulka 3/3, Riga

LV-1007, Latvia

+371 28445967

2 0.09
2 Baltic Scientific Instruments, Ltd


Radiation detectors, nuclear electronics and radiation measurements.

The company Baltic Scientific Instruments (BSI) specializes in the development and serial production of the spectrometric devices based on semiconductor silicon, high-pure germanium and cadmium-zinc-tellurium detectors. Our products are applied in nuclear energetic and ecology, geology and mineral resource industry, medicine and space research activities, customs control, and other spheres. All products are available including detectors, electronics and software.

Vladimir Gostilo, CEO,

26 Ganibu Dambis

Riga LV-1005,

+371 67383947

66 2.6
3 Ceram Optek, SIA What makes CeramOptec stand out from other optical fiber manufacturers? It’s not just our high quality fibers. Our proprietary manufacturing process. Or that you’ll find our products performing in multiple applications across a broad range of industries. The CeramOptec difference is our ability to deliver effective fiber optic solutions to our customers — even if they have never used fibers before.

One secret to our success is an experienced management team and client-centric corporate structure. Both allow us to focus on finding the best possible solutions to our client’s needs. Quality, cost-efficiency, innovation, and performance: these are the hallmarks of CeramOptec.

Jevgēnijs Smirnovs, CEO

Domes 1a, Līvāni, Līvānu n.,

LV-5316 Latvia

+371  65343646

119 20
4 DARDEDZE HOLOGRAFIJA, SIA “DARDEDZE HOLOGRAFIJA” was established in 1995 with the mission of manufacturing holograms, which help to secure documents and goods from attempted fraud. We first developed hologram technology with the help of Solid-state Physics University Optic laboratory.

Currently,”DARDEDZE HOLOGRAFIJA” works and develops two major production lines – holographic security solutions and offset printing. Amongst offset printers we are one of the leading printing houses in Latvia

Guntis Vucens, CEO

Maza Rencenu str 12,

Riga, LV-1073, Latvia

+371 67076700

130 5.6
5 Difraks Sol. SIA


Our company is taking leading position in production of the security holograms in the Baltic region and the exporter to the European Union countries and throughout the world. We offer a complete cycle of the holograms production – from design to the stock-produced item, providing the highest quality and satisfying all customers’ demands. Sergejs Gerbreders, CEO

Parades 1-132, Daugavpils

LV-5401, Latvia

+371 29 48 22 27

9 0.24
6 EuroLCDs SIA


The business aim of EuroLCDs is to fill the niche in the market that demands products based on bistable LCD technologies and various shutter type LCD products for both emerging 3D visualization applications and different industrial applications. Ainars Ozols, CEO,

VATP-2, Ventspils LV-3602, Latvia,

+371 63 600 300

62 1.7
7 Eventech Ltd „Eventech” Ltd is a spin-off company from Institute of Electronics and Computer Science of Latvia, established in 2011, specializing in development and manufacturing of high-performance and high-precision signal processing electronics. Our scientific team has more than 40-year experience in high-precision event timing system design and development for specific applications, for example, Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR). Our product is a computer-based instrument that measures the time of the event and intervals between the events. Distinguishing feature of the product is extremely high precision (up to 2-3 picoseconds) combined with high measurement rate (up to 20 MHz) and affordable price comparing to other similar high-tech instruments. Katrina Krivenko, COO

Dzerbenes street 14, Riga,

LV-1006, Latvia

+371 29118068

4 0.23
8 Fush Electronics


Optoelectronic components supplies, lumilights and indicating devices for commercial use, advertising and information displaying systems. Fush Electronics

Brivibas 152, Riga,

LV-1012, Latvia

+371  7364151

3 0.13
9 GeoStar Manufacture of instruments and appliances for measuring, testing and navigation (26.51)

GeoStar Ltd. was established in 1997 to provide Latvian surveyors with modern and high-quality geodetic instruments.

In addition to geodetic instruments also offer communications locators, moisture meters, GPS sensors and other equipment.

GeoStar representing manufacturers whose web page you can find a section – Links

GeoStar provides instruments warranty service and post-warranty service. Created service center and equipped with the necessary hardware with trained staff.

Māris Knoks, CEO

GeoStar SIA

Mārupes 20, Rīga, LV-1002, Latvia

Phone:+371 67089191

8 0.972
10 Groglass SIA


Groglass is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of anti-reflective and other high-performance coatings on glass and acrylic for various industries: high-end electronic and static displays, picture framing, museum showcases, architecture and other applications. Sasha Kelberg, CEO

Katlakalna 4b,

Rīga, LV-1073, Latvia

+371 67502910

111 16
11 HansaMatrix HansaMatrix is a fast-growing, high-technology company offering product design, industrialization and complete manufacturing services in data networking, Internet of Things, industrial segments and other high added value business segments. In addition to complete manufacturing services of OEM products, our company offers an ODM business model to both start-up and established companies that seek product development partnerships.

HansaMatrix opened its first manufacturing plant in June, 2001 with only seven employees. The Ventspils manufacturing plant was opened in December, 2007. Since then our company has grown substantially into one of the leading Baltic – Nordic manufacturers. We now have several product development teams and run two manufacturing plants employing over 350 people in engineering, managerial and production jobs including subcontractors.

Both manufacturing plants have been developed as substitute manufacturing facilities employing the latest identical production technologies. Back in 2005, HansaMatrix was the first contract manufacturer in the EU that deployed the FUJI NXT manufacturing platform, which later was accepted as the standard for high-complexity manufacturing. Similarly, our competence can be applied to our 2015 investment in the newest FUJI sFAB odd shape component assembling robot.

Our company product development and manufacturing operation has been certified as per ISO9001; its medical products – as per ISO 13485; its mining and oil industry products – as per ATEX; and payment terminal products meet the MasterCard quality requirements.

Ilmars Osmanis, CEO


Customer Relations

Lielirbes iela 17a-10, Riga,

LV-1046, Latvia

Phone: +371 6780 0003

Fax: +371 6504 9087


350 13,466
12 HEE Photonic Labs Inventors of advanced optical system, with very focussed optical beam that can be used for different special purposes in space and military ie. different kinds of surveillance systems equipment, laser beam radar monitoring systems, satellite laser ranging system, free space optical long range and high speed data communication. Company is also a provider of training simulators ie. computer controlled shooting training systems, a tactical field simulator, designed for fully interoperable and flexible collective training in natural environments:

1.    using the rocket launchers CG and AT-4 in the training field for the squad of 4 army men,

2.    using modern weapon HK G36 assault rifles,

multimedia shooting range equipment for combat training, using electronic target which is set into the screen and determines the hit of bullet marks after each shot.

Andris Treijs, CEO

Nomales iela 6-25, Riga LV-1002, Latvia

+371 67613098

2 0.03
13 ISP Optics Latvia Ltd


ISP Optics Corporation is a vertically integrated manufacturer offering a full range of the infrared products from high performance MWIR and LWIR Lens Assemblies to catalog and custom infrared optical elements.

Our infrared IR Lens Assembly product line includes continuous zoom, dual FOV and fixed focal length lenses  for cooled and un-cooled cameras including designs targeted for light weight and compact models.

ISP Optics manufactures in-house precision optical components including spherical, aspherical and diffractive coated IR lenses.  In addition to our built-to-print optical elements product line, we also offer custom opto -mechanical assemblies, coatings and diamond turning services along with  IR catalog optics.  We manufacture optics from various infrared crystals  such as: Ge, Si, ZnS, ZnSe,  CaF2, GaAs, BaF2, Amtir, GASIR, IG5 and others.

Our manufacturing processes utilize CNC Grinding, Diamond Turning, Continuous and Conventional Polishing, Optical Contacting, advanced coating and design technologies to deliver consistent top quality solutions that serve the growing industry demands with an unwavering commitment to our world-wide customers.

Ēriks Bēdiķis, CEO

24A Ganibu Dambis Street Riga, Latvia LV-1005

+371 67323779

65 6.8
14 Kepp EU


Silicon metallurgy – equipment creation, manufacturing of innovative materials. We actively and successfully develop silicon technologies since the late 1970s. Our research in technologies of float zone (FZ) melting (high-frequency heating 2MHz ) and growth of silicon from melt by the Czochralski method yielded in more than 20 certificates of authorship (analog of patent), and in a similar number of articles and reports. Anatolijs Kravcovs. CEO

Carnikavas street 5, Riga


+371 67394989

13 0.46
15 Light Guide Optics International Ltd


Established in 2004, Z-Light is the leading European manufacturer and supplier of fibres, fibre bundles, cables and laser delivery systems used for sophisticated scientific, industrial and medical applications.

We offer a full range of silica multimode optical fibres with excellent transmission in the UV-vis-IR region. Also, we provide full service starting from new product design to finished products and integrated optics solution.

Our factory is equipped with the most state-of-the-art technologies and all manufacturing processes are in strict compliance with the EU quality and safety standards.

At Z-Light we use innovation to create products and services which meet or even exceed our customers’ expectations. Our team is always ready to implement solutions tailored for each customer no matter how sophisticated they are!

Daumants Pfafrods, CEO

Līvānu nov., Līvāni, Celtniecības iela 8, LV-5316, Latvia

+371 65307175

102 9.6
16 Optek Ltd Optek has developed and manufactures various equipment for photonics research – tunable diode lasers, avalanche photodiodes, PID lockboxes for laser stabilization, optimized Fabry-Perrot cavities, etc. Most recent developments are laser stabilization system allowing to obtain the laser linewidth of 1 Hz and Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) system operating at 266 nm wavelength for detection of acetone in human breath (ppm levels).

Some insight into scientific novelty of the work of OPTEK on Fabry-Perrot cavities can be found in recent SCI papers:

DOI: 10.1515/lpts-2015-0014

DOI: 10.1515/lpts-2015-0015

Currently we are developing cost effective thin film thickness measurement software, which is based on data, obtained by low cost spectrometers.

Optek represents and sells the following photonics manufacturer’s products: Comsol – simulation software of real world multiphysics systems, Cobolt – high quality diode lasers, Rofin – CO2 lasers, Ophir – laser power/energy meters and laser beam profilers, Thorlabs, Hamamatsu, Gaussian software, etc.

Kaspars Blušs, CEO

Lizuma 1-310, Riga,

LV-1006, Latvia

+371 2978 1582

2 0.32
17 Optron Ltd


OPTRON Ltd. was founded in 1992, as a multi-profile telecommunication company.

Now the company is the largest private telecommunication company in Latvia, possessing the biggest in Riga technologically unique specialized underground cable duct with more than 300 kilometers of the fiber-optical cables laid out and a high-speed duplicated telecommunication platform for data transmission. On the basis of these resources OPTRON provides full range of services of data transmission, access to Internet, a telephony, leased lines, virtual private networks (VPN), Wi-Fi access and offers specialized project solutions to meet the specific customer requirements. All the services are provided in strict compliance with SLA, securing quality, reliability and in-time reaction on customer’s requests.

The company has own production division, manufacturing optical connecting cords (patchcords, pigtails), based on factory technology of seal of fiber. Process of manufacturing comes to the end with complete control of optical parameters and issue of the passport on each product.

The company also renders services in sale of a wide range of materials, network elements, tools, accessories, technological devices, and also the wide range of the equipment from world leading manufacturers for testing and measurement telecommunication network’s parameters.

Ruslan Uzhgalov, sales representative A. Deglava str. 73,

LV-1082 Rīga, Latvia

+371 67159440

19 1.9
18 Sensotech The company’s activity sector is in manufacturing of computer, electronic and optical products and communication equipment. Sensotech provides services and consulting business plans for the development of EU projects in completing the forms, external market research and customer attraction etc. Austris Galindoms, CEO

Pļavu iela 17, Liepāja,

LV- 3411, Latvia

+371 26032981

2 0.13
19 Sidrabe AS


SIDRABE has been designing and manufacturing vacuum coating systems and developing unique thin film technologies for more than 50 years.

We offer:

•Development and implementation of thin film technologies

•Customized vacuum coating systems

•Optimized and cost effective product solutions

•Contract R&D

•Contract design engineering.

A variety of processes have been implemented successfully in SIDRABE equipment for many applications:

•Coating of polymer films and metal foils

•Coating of metal strips

•Coating of large-size flat glass

•Coating of large-size astronomical mirrors

•Coating of artificial diamond and various powders

•Protective and decorative coating of 3D articles

•Substrate pre-treatment using ion sources

•Vacuum lamination

•Vacuum drying of webs

Matiss Misels-Piesins, Business development

17 Krustpils Str. Riga, Latvia LV-1073

+371 67249806

79 4.75
20 StarSpace StarSpace is a private observatory open to the public SIA StarSpace

Ogres nov., Suntažu pag., Kaltiņi, LV-5060, Latvia

2 0.056
21 Vizulo SIA


Various LED solutions in lighting: developing client orientated products; delivering light planning calculations; assembling LED lighting products; organizing wholesales and end sales to large scale municipal and commercial clients; taking care of electrical installation – as general contractor (in special cases); monitoring electrical consumption and CO2 reduction for our major projects; taking care of warranty period; selling components after warranty period.

Electronics manufacturing services: design and development; assembly – box build; SMT line; gasketing and coating; wire cutting; crimping; tampo printing.

Janis Zeltiņš, CEO

Ganibu dambis 7a Riga, LV-1045

+371 67383024

20 2.8
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