Photonics – a smart specialization for Latvia

The FOTONIKA-LV Regpot project identified as an objective that the government of Latvia recognize photonics and quantum sciences and technologies as a smart specialization for Latvia. During the course of this project from February 2012 – July 2015 numerous attempts were made thru government ministries, thru the Saeima (parliament), as well as thru direct appeals to the prime minister. This work led to the recognition of photonics and quantum sciences and technologies as a pan-Baltic smart specialization for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. While this effort was unsuccessful during the course of the project, now in 2021 the government of Latvia is recognizing photonics and smart materials as a priority domain effectively treating it as a smart specialization strategy.

Below is a list with links of presentations and documents created during this effort.

Presentation to the Saeima Research and Innovation subcommittee and to the Economic, agricultural, environmental and regional policy committee on 19.12.2013

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