Working Groups

Riga Photonics Centre forms working groups to address issues of concern to the photonics community

Working Groups

Secondary education

Works with schools, teachers and agencies of the government to improve STEM Education and increase the share of students that pursue science and engineering studes and careers.

Led by Dr.Phys. Uldis Kanders


Foresight is the systematic consideration of technological and other changes and their impacts to enable more effective planning.

Dr. Arturs Puga leads the Foresight working group.

Cluster development

Riga Photonics Centre’ s mission is to coordinate the photonics cluster in Latvia. Considerable work is needed to fulfill this function in terms of services to SMEs and research institutions doing photonics related research. It is very important that government agencies in Latvia recognize this role of Riga Photonics Centre

Led by Vidvuds Beldavs

I relations

TRIZ and other methods

TRIZ is a method to manage innovations to enable more effective innovation development.

Led by Dr. Oleksandr Narbut

SME Technical Support

SMEs can receive support for funding proposal development as well as to address technical problems or need for support in regulatory matters

Relations with other clusters

The EU encourages cooperation between clusters in different member states. This working group will actively pursue opportunities for cooperation with clusters outside of Latvia.

Led by Vidvuds Beldavs


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